From Course Leaders

The New ID material has proved thought-provoking and clear. Kim speaks the truth in a remarkably acceptable way, considering the subject she tackles. This encouraged us all to talk about generally 'unspeakable' things, which is quite extraordinary. Somehow both the teaching and the accompanying testimonies brought light into dark situations and helped people feel they were not alone in their struggles.
It was quite nerve-racking but we had 21 people and it was a powerful first week. Lots of tears and hurts surfacing while people realized what they were facing up to. Our church has been praying for months for us. I really felt God was moving in such a powerful way.
We had major breakthroughs with the women who completed the course. Very open and honest sharing and a clear understanding of how the Lord was dealing individually with each person. We really celebrated!
The manuals are written in a systematic and very user-friendly manner! I found the answers to all my questions regarding the running of the course, this set my mind at rest at the start and made me feel completely equipped to lead. It was also very useful for the helpers to each have their own manual with their ‘role’ clearly explained.

From Attendees

When I started New ID I had been struggling with compulsive eating for 35 years. I was reticent to look for help because I was weary of getting my hopes up but I plucked up the courage and did New ID. I was deeply moved by hearing the testimonies, the women seemed normal! I was struck by the truth that freedom is a choice. I also appreciated the very practical advice given. Why have I begun to experience freedom after all this time? Maybe before I just wasn't ready to give Him control.
Thank you for the message of freedom! You have such a powerful story. Please never stop sharing your freedom with those who struggle. Since your course I no longer weigh myself regularly, I eat more protein, I have begun to see food as good fuel for my body, I am not tempted to willfully pursue anorexia and bulimia, and I do not feel alone in my struggle.
At the risk of sounding dramatic, the New ID course saved my life. On Easter Sunday this year I had my one year anniversary of being completely free from bulimia! Something I never thought would be possible!
I was skeptical coming in but I have been blown away. The integration of faith, emotions, thoughts, wounds, is unlike anything I have found so far. I expected far less than I gained, especially in terms of hope and the desire to fully recover.


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