Terms of Use & Disclaimers

Terms of Use

The New ID Course was created to be used in a group context, led by adequately prepared leaders and helpers, ideally under the supervision of a local church or equivalent organization.

The New ID Course is not intended for use by individuals as a personal resource. A key component of the New ID Course is to bring those struggling with eating disorders out of isolation, and private use of the Course directly contradicts that intention.

While New ID is available at no cost to registered users (those who have created a Login), the New ID Course materials and individual Login details must not be passed on to other people (3rd parties) for their use. Every user must create their own Login. The New ID Course and all its materials are protected by Copyright (2006).

By downloading and using the New ID Course materials, the user is accepting the terms of use as set out above.


  1. The New ID Course and its materials do not claim it is possible to be free from an eating disorder within the 6 weeks of the Course, nor do they guarantee recovery from an eating disorder.
  2. New ID Inc is not responsible for the quality of the New ID Course as hosted and run by any individual, church or organization. New ID is not responsible in any way for the leaders, helpers, churches or organizations hosting the New ID Course.
  3. New ID Inc does not sanction nor is responsible for any altered materials provided during a course. New ID Inc has no obligation to update any materials.
  4. New ID Inc is not responsible for additional materials, books, counselors, or treatments recommended at a New ID Course that are not sanctioned or contained within the New ID materials themselves.