FAQs About Attending New ID

Can I watch the New ID videos by myself or do the Course alone at home?

A core value of New ID is breaking isolation. New ID is designed to be run in a group setting in the church where the necessary support structures are most often found. It is not intended for individual use, at home or anywhere else.


I am embarrassed and ashamed to attend a New ID Course, will others feel the same?

We understand it is not easy to come to New ID, especially on the first evening. However, it is vital to break the isolation of your struggle. From experience, attendees find it is a great relief to no longer hide, and find friends who understand what they are going through.


Will other people at my church know that I am attending?

Confidentiality is a high value for New ID. We encourage all course leaders to create a safe and private environment for you to come to. Your name will not be shared outside the group and confidentiality within the group is maintained.


Will I be forced to tell my own story?

Not at all. You are under no pressure to share anything. New ID provides the space for you to explore the issues. The discussion group is a time of listening to others, asking questions or sharing, but only if you wish to.


Will I be weighed?

Absolutely not! New ID is not a weight based program.


I am not a Christian, can I attend a New ID Course?

New ID welcomes anyone who wants to hear the message of freedom. It is based on Christian teachings but the course takes an holistic approach that includes the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery and it is therefore applicable to everyone.


I am not sure if I have an eating disorder, is New ID for me?

Any form of disordered eating, whether a full blown eating disorder or not, has a root cause. New ID will help shed light on your issues with food so that you can begin to address them.


I am a compulsive eater, will everyone at a New ID Course be anorexic sufferers (and therefore skinny)?

New ID looks at all three eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating. While each eating disorder has a different behavior pattern, the root causes are most often the same, and therefore they are dealt with together as the journey to recovery is similar. New ID usually sees a mix of people struggling with all three eating disorders.


I am a man who struggles, can I attend a New ID Course?

Yes! New ID wants to help anyone who struggles with an eating disorder. While the majority of attendees are women, men are most welcome to attend and will find the teaching equally applicable to them.


Will I be free from an eating disorder at the end of a New ID Course?

It is not possible to get over an eating disorder in six weeks. New ID seeks to be a catalyst for change, shedding light on the underlying issues that need to be addressed. Recovery needs to be walked out, which takes time.


What should I do if I have other questions about the New ID Course?

If you still have other questions, please email us at: