Technical Help With This Site

How do I access and download the New ID Course materials?


You first need to create a Login to access the New ID Course materials. If you do not have a Login you can create one here. After you have logged in, go to Downloads in the top menu of this website to access all the New ID Course materials and videos.


How do I download videos to show from my computer?


Simply click on the download button for any of the videos, and then let your internet browser (e.g. Firefox) open the video in a new window. Then right click on the video to download it to your desktop (for Mac users, Control + click)! You’ll find all the course videos under the Downloads menu (at the top of the website).


Why do you recommend downloading the New ID teaching and testimony videos to my computer?


You don’t want to run the risk of not being able to play the teaching and testimony videos on any given night of your course! Streaming the videos from Vimeo via wi-fi or your church internet network runs the risk of either of those not working at the crucial time (and you may not know how to fix them). It’s much safer to download the videos to a computer, then test them well in advance exactly as you will use them on the night (using exactly the same equipment as you will use for your course).


How do I download the Course Leader Guide, Helpers Manual, Attendee Notes and Talk Scripts to print out?


In exactly the same way as you download videos to your computer (see above). Simply click on the relevant button and then follow the same procedure to download the PDF to your computer and then print out. You’ll find all the PDF’s under the Downloads menu (at the top of the website).


What should I do if something on the New ID website is not working properly?


Report any technical issues with this website by emailing:

PLEASE NOTE: New ID cannot answer any technical questions related to how you project or show videos at your church or venue (once they are downloaded off this website on to your computer). Nor can New ID answer any technical questions related to the printing of course materials once downloaded.